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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I-pod, cephlopod and sennapod

I should be sat in a lecture now - instead I'm watching an old episode of The Poddington Peas. Honestly, the sacrifices I make for my readers! Plus my feet hurt so I came home.

The Poddington Peas was a British cartoon, shown for one series in 1989. At first I thought it was a Maddocks production (Family Ness, Penny Crayon) but subsequent Wikipedia-ing proved me wrong. I just assumed that Maddocks had the monopoly over this niche in the market - the low budget, short lived yet fondly remembered cartoons of the 80s market, that is. Anyway, The peas were created by some dude named Paul Needs. Paul Needs...what?

I'll get to the chosen episode in a sec, but first let me bring to light something I have noticed about this show. It might as well have been written by Bernard Manning. It's definitely sexist and racist, and I'm pretty sure they don't even
have one gay pea in Poddington. Of the roughly three dozen peas living at the bottom of some right-wing git's garden, only five are female. Ok, not as bad as the Smurfs, you might argue, where there's only one female. Not as much sexual harassment to be dealt with by one chick, right? Well, let's have a look at the she-peas -

Sweet-Pea - a blonde model with big tits (only peas can see them, but they are still there. I think.)
Tea-Pea - a tea lady
Skip-Pea - a little girl with a skipping rope
Penala-Pea - a single mother
Chip-Pea - a greasy woman who works in a chip shop.

There is nothing like a cartoon that teaches equality and female empowerment. And speaking of equality - Why are all the bad peas darker than the good peas? Let me illustrate what I mean -

See? SEE? These two aren't really from Poddington. I mean, they weren't born here. Look, I'm not racist or anything, but...not on my doorstep...another victory for the loony left...that damn PC brigade...let one in, the next thing you know they'll have banned the flag and made us all talk African, or wherever it is they're from...yours sincerely, BN-Pea.

Where was I? Oh yes. I might not actually get round to writing about an episode now; this might turn into some kind of pre-menopausal left wing rant. However, I did used to like this show as a kid, before I understood the concept of people being different from me. As far as I was concerned, humanity was divided into two categories - those who knew that Cheetara was the best Thundercat, and those who didn't.

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