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Friday, 22 November 2013

The worst arcade in Wales

I've been wanting to write about this place for about a month now, but never got round to it. Now the mister is playing Mass Effect, and I've gorged myself on tea and biscuits, I feel the time is right.

Last month we took a trip up to North Wales to visit my dad. While we were there we came across a treasure trove so amazing, so beautiful, that I'm starting to think it's actually a place of worship. It's got to be more than just a rubbish arcade, because it made me so happy -

We'd been in once before for a brief look around, and this time we were ready with a camera. We sat in the car outside finishing our ice creams and watching other people going inside. We took bets on how long it would be before they came out again – the average time was about 37 seconds.

We're not like those losers, we'll spend the proper amount of time in there in order to show you around the worst/best/most entertaining arcade in Wales.

Here is the general feel of the place. I don't know if the air hockey table works or not – I think it was the only machine we didn't try. The puzzled looking gentleman on the right is my dad! I think he's wondering why the hell we've brought him in here.

Worlds smallest bowling alley. I think if the mister had a lie down on here his head would actually touch the pins. Assuming there are any pins, which there aren't.

All the fun of the Rio carnival! This might actually been one of the few coin pushers that didn't have coins jammed in the slots -

Oh wait no, it did -

1p olden days game! Has a p stuck in it.

Gipsy” mini fruit machine. Guess whether it has a coin stuck in the slot or not -

The other side of the Rio Carnival coin pusher – look at all those prizes to be won!

A claw game with nothing to win but gravel -

This makes us sad.

Roulette! I think the mister actually won 12p on this or something. Slightly marred by the fact that someone has left a takeaway lid on it -

We found a prize! I was determined to win it, even if just to find out what the hell it's supposed to be.

Another claw game – I'm glad they clarified this -

Especially since it wasn't on display anywhere else.

Oh look – more prizes to win.

This machine pays out for matching up the animal body parts. In theory anyway. In reality it stole 4p off us.

Oh the glamour! Just seeing this sign immediately transports me to Monte Carlo -

Especially when you see the electronics. Who decided to make that socket a thing?

And there we have it. I think we actually lost more money than we spent, and I'm not sure how that's even possible, but a jolly 20 minutes was had by all. Although I never did win that weird orange thing.

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  1. lolol you certainly know how to have a good time,;0;0 wish I had been with you :):):) xxxxxxxxxxx