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Monday, 22 August 2011

My favourite Zippy moments

I guess this is an overdue tribute to Roy Skelton, who sadly passed away back in June. Even now, after 20 plus years of watching Rainbow, I still can't get to grips with the fact that the the voice of this demented rugby head came from this classically trained, and rather posh actor. Not only that, but there is also something inherently wrong about other people trying to do Zippy's voice and mannerisms. Perhaps that's why the post-Skelton Rainbow was such a flop, who knows?

Considering much of the Rainbow script was improvised by the cast, it's clear that Roy was responsible for bringing Zippy to life with regards to more than just the voice. Every time I've watched Zippy, and then laughed so hard I've woken the neighbours up, I suspect I have had Roy to thank.

So here are my favourite clips of Zippy at his most...well...Zippyish.

#1. Zippy the quiet lion

#2. Zippy's ode to his friends

#3. Wakey wakey!

#4. Romeo Zippy

#5. Fuck off Bungle I'm asleep


#7. Henry the lionhorse

#8. Dadadadadadadadada....

#9. For goodness' sake Geoffrey

#10. Last but definitely not least - Zippy sings us out

Thank you for filling up the Zippy shaped void in my life, Mr Skelton.

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