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Monday, 21 November 2011

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep and Sweep

There are certain facts about any television show in the Sooty franchise that are generally acknowledged by all. In fact, the following assertions have been unanimously agreed upon in various scientific peer review journals -

1. The show is infinitely better when a member of the Corbett dynasty is at the helm. For my money, Matthew C was the silliest, therefore the best. Not to mention his moonlighting on Rainbow.

2. Nobody likes Soo. Ever.

3. Sooty is ok as far as legless bears go, but he only really comes into his own when he's mucking about and being stupid with Sweep.

Which brings me to my final point -

4. Sweep should have been the star of the show. This is not up for debate.

I mean, who would you rather follow the adventures of - a stupid, loud, sarcastic but hilarious dog with a kazoo for a voice, or a mute yellow bear thing that is consorting with that woman Soo? Exactly.

With this in mind, the following clip is from my favourite ever episode, "Sweep's Family." I think you'll see why, but especially note the running round in circles at the beginning, the names of Sweep's cousins, the spontaneous family singing, and the dog with the brilliant afro. And, of course, the way they were all able to evict Soo from her own bedroom. har har.

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