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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lines, Shapes and Loveliness

Once again I am called back to this blog for an unhappy reason. Yesterday I saw the news that another member of the Rainbow gang had passed away. Mark Hall, of Cosgrove Hall fame, is remembered by everyone of a certain age, I'm sure. The memories are for various reasons - Dangermouse, Chorlton and the Wheelies, Count Duckula, but I would like to deviate from this trend and say that, to me, he will always be one of the Lines and Shapes guys.

You know the deal - those squeaky, clanging, creepy yet hilarious "animations" (see - things coming to life on their fucking own with the help of disjointed spacetime) that acted as charming breaks between scenes in most episodes of the 'bow. Quite frequently had cows in them, and as you know, I love cows.

Since my writing is sporadically adequate at best, I decided to let George do the talking for me on this one -

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