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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas day sometime in the 80s

Today I want to show you one of my most treasured pieces of memorabilia – a photo taken of a 4 year old me on Christmas day, surrounded by all my loot.

Picture is below, but if you want a bigger version CLICK THIS LINK

1. Batman on TV

Since it has Batgirl in it, it might be the episode where she nearly drowns in a barrel, which would have been her own stupid fault for not realising she could have just stood up in the barrel. That's the only episode I remember anything about as a kid.

2. Shitty Christmas card I made sellotaped to the wall

Maybe this was before they invented BluTack, I don't know. Maybe my parents were just idiots in the 80s.

3. Rude balloons

Obvious now, but I guess we never spotted it. That is to say I never spotted it – maybe it caused hours of hilarity for my mum and dad, and possibly for my sniggering older sisters too.

4. My Child doll

A few years after I got her, I got into trouble for drawing red spots all over her in felt tip pen and claiming she had a life threatening illness.

5. Musical Christmas bear

When you pressed his paw, his heart lit up and he played Christmas carols. My god, I loved that bear to the point of insanity. I still have him somewhere, but his batteries have long since died. I don't know if his batteries are replaceable, or if I just couldn't be arsed to do it last time I looked.

6. Random bride doll

I don't think this was a Barbie or a Sindy, judging by the packaging it was a knock off, probably called Sharon or something.

7. Keyper

Princess the swan no less. I used to keep all my secret things in my Keyper until one day I noticed it had some weird brown stuff spilled inside it. Probably chocolate, but it could have been toxic waste for all I know.

8. Selection box

Nothing much to say here, except that I probably nommed the whole thing that day.

9. Bluebird market stall

One of my best presents ever, I'm just sorry my stupid 4 year old self is in the way of it in this picture. Never mind, here is another picture of it I nicked off Google -

The side you see was a burger stall, and the other side was a traditional fruit and veg stall. I think there was a squeaky phone on it somewhere. My god. The hours I spent shouting at my family to come and pay me money for plastic carrots and burgers. Happy times.

10. Mullet

Blame my mother.

11. Magnetic blackboard

I used to love playing schools with this, lining my toys up and barking the alphabet at them, which was pretty much all I ever remember my teachers doing.

Maybe I'll post a photo of the 30 year old me on Christmas day - if you want to see me sat round scratching myself and eating Matchmakers.

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