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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Starting the new year correctly – by not knowing any 80s trivia

A belated happy new year to my readers – I've been taking a break, and for the last week or so I've been doing nothing but eating sandwiches and playing board games. It's been ace.

Anyway – here are my new year's resolutions, up to all of which have been broken already -

1 Get dressed occasionally, and not just waz around in my pyjamas.

2 Blog about crappy toys as soon as I buy them, rather than just leaving them to form some weird sacrificial pile that is growing daily.

3 Stop being a talentless, deluded hack.

I'll be honest – I might or might not do a podcast this year. Me and the mister are very keen on the idea, but whenever we have a day off together we just end up sprawled out on the sofa, watching increasingly bad movies and trying to get each other in a headlock. Also, the mister got a Nerf gun for Christmas which shoots foam bullets, so he might get arrested soon for annoying passers by. I didn't get him that. I got him this -

which instantly renders him cooler than anyone else in the world, ever.

Since this isn't LiveJournal, I can't just sit here talking about myself. Let me show you what we found in a charity shop last week -

I plan to write about this game as soon as we can figure out how to actually play it – it seems akin to deciphering the Rosetta Stone. Also, the questions are things like 'what is Bet Lynch's middle name?' so we might end up playing it for 72 hours straight without getting a question right.

A typical question card -

Please pray for us.

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