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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A poem about Geoffrey Hayes

It was Geoffrey's birthday last month, so I consider this a belated tribute. It is a masterpiece that took me up to four minutes to write. It is completely serious and not a joke or anything, and if you laugh at it then you just can't see all the symbolism, or something.

Oh Geoff
If you were a chef
You wouldn’t have time to be on Rainbow
And you wouldn’t be able to wear hotpants
Or a dress, sometimes
Oh Geoff
If you were a chef
You’d have to do cooking all the time
And not wear boxes on your head like a robot
Oh Geoffrey
I’m glad you’re not a chef-rey
Because then you wouldn’t be in Rainbow
And I might not have a blog
Although that might not be a bad thing, because my blog’s a bit rubbish.

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