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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Boyfriend Club - four examples of how Feminism has obviously failed

Oh he's so dreamy! Golly I wish I was going steady with him so I could wear his ring! I... oh, ahem, excuse me, I seem to have forgotten to leave 1958.

While I was in 1958 I picked up the following set of books. Although claiming to have been published in the early 1990s, do not be fooled – they're just as gosh darn dreamy as my fictional 1950s boyfriend. Let’s call him Buck.

The Boyfriend Club series, by Janet Quin-Harkin, follows the story of four plucky friends as they try to save the world from an imminent nuclear attack. Not really - they all just want boyfriends. This is all the main characters are concerned with from the second they step through the doors of their new high school, Alta Mesa. Speaking of the main characters, I shall pause to tell you all about the fears, hopes and dreams of the four protagonists -

Ginger – she wants a boyfriend

Roni – she wants a boyfriend

Karen – she wants a boyfriend

Justine – she wants a boyfriend

Now that I've provided thorough character profiles, I'll take you through the plot of the first four books in the series. Those of you expecting to be reading for the next few hours – don't worry, there's one common theme which ties all these books nicely together, saving me a bit of time.

This is the kind of boyfriend all the girls want -

Let's call him Dirk.

So, the friends form a club, the main pastime of which is a) moaning about how they haven't got boyfriends, b) thinking of various ways to get boyfriends, and c) picking out prey, I mean potential boyfriends.

The first four books in the series each centre around one of the girls and their individual quest to trap their prey/find true love -

book one – Ginger gets a Dirk called Ben

book two – Roni gets a Dirk called Drew

book three – Karen gets a Dirk called...actually I can't remember. Let's call him Clive

book four – Justine gets a Dirk called Danny

The rest of the books focus on the girls' various problems with their respective Dirks. Not that there are many problems, as all the Dirks are SO DREAMY! Repeat x 10000 or until we all die.

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