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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pages from the 1993 Argos Christmas catalogue!

Look what I've got! A while back, me and the mister decided to go mad spending more money than we could reasonably justify on Ebay, acquiring a shitload of old catalogue scans on CD-Rom. I'll just give you a minute to let that sink in. Yeah, you wish you were me.

First up we have the obligatory "generic crap" pages, featuring all the stuff you never knew you wanted, because you didn't. Who could have lived without some cheapo bubble bath featuring the head of one of the gladiators off of Gladiators? Or a teapot in the shape of what appears to be a Nazi bear? I do, however, covet the Sonic The Hedgehog quilt cover, rather badly, and also the Helix treasure chest cash box thing, just because.

Next up - the latest in cutting edge technology. Scotch video tapes anyone? Regular readers will know how much I love the Scotch brand, with its Derek Guyler voiced skellington mascot. You really can re-record and not fade away! Also of note is the boombox - beloved talisman of all rubbish thugs in 80s movies. Ok so it's not really a boombox, but come on, it is a bit.

Disney videos! All the classics are here, like The Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid, and... oh wait. It's not The Little Mermaid, it's a crappy spinoff featuring "43 minutes" of non stop fun. I think I've seen one of these episodes before. Ariel catches crabs.

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the following pages. I have nothing remotely derogatory to say about them. Indeed, I love them like my own brothers.

And finally - Barbie! I definitely had the one at the top, where you paint stars onto her hair. I think I still have that frilly gold skirt thing somewhere too. But I don't ever remember having 'My big fat Gypsy wedding' Barbie. Also, on the other page, why has Sindy got her legs crossed like she needs a wee?

Have I made your day sufficiently awesome now? Good.


  1. I had that ballet themed jewellery box in the second image as a present from my aunt when she got married. She put a ballet slippers necklace in too, which I found on ebay late last year selling at a whopping £1.99. The box lid broke off and my mom made me throw it away even though it still played Swan Lake just fine, and I've been trying to replace it but I haven't seen the same one for sale anywhere.
    These presents didn't cost much, I thought they both would've been more costly, but they were some of the best gifts I ever got.
    You've made me go from ugly laughter to ugly sobbing.

  2. damn- got my ebay basket fiiled with 40 bucks worth off dvd pdf's. would i be nut to click buy. a had a thundercat sword, liono figure, a 'my first computer' and just want to refrence these memories. mostly interested in game consoles- that sega pages was beautiful, i has a mega drive and the gunscope came with shit games. at least i got an idea of what the scans look like now. i need a 1997+/2000 and 2003-10 to coover the console changes. i got an actual 2002 cat but to scan it i will have to destroy it.

  3. Wow I wanted half of this stuff growing up... in fact I still do.